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Just need 3 colors, 103 mph bass boat, Do you tune your cranks? – BassBlaster

Just need 3 colors, 103 mph bass boat, Do you tune your cranks? – BassBlaster

Unsure what’s with tornadoes in AL, however they appear to be extra widespread there now. Misplaced some people — pls pray a number of phrases for his or her households.

>> In the event you’re getting the BassBlaster for the primary time it’s cuz a bud signed you up!

From a dude on the BBC boards who’s an MLF boat official:

> I’ve been to FL and south TX [the first 2 BPT tourneys] and the waters have been completely totally different however the colours have been the identical…variations of inexperienced pumpkin, white or white/chartreuse and blue/black.

> Bait sort and form have been totally different based mostly on what was being fished however 90% of the anglers used these colours. Jigs, bladed jigs, spinners, finesse, sticks, and so forth.

> [Other officials] and I mentioned the methods used on the finish of every day and the colours have been constant.

Gonna guess the VARIATIONS he talked about have been ultra-important to the blokes. And perhaps we’d like a brand new colour that mixes gp, b/b and chart/white so everybody can simply fish 1 colour and the bass may take a look at it like:

The boat official additionally stated:

> I’m additionally leaning extra about electronics. These guys reside by their graphs.

Heck yeah they do….

– Elitist Hank Cherry talkin’, flabbergasted any Elitist would fish any bait aside from a jerkbait…. LOL simply kiddin’! Truly from an aesthetic publish concerning the new Elites — full quote:

> Watching them has been fascinating to me. They strategy fishing in another way. They’ll take a look at a river or lake and do issues that different anglers gained’t or haven’t even considered. They go to several types of locations and fish with totally different lures. They’re much less structured in how they go about issues.

> It’s been stated that a few of them will study as they go alongside. That’s true, little question. However it’s additionally true that a few of us who’ve been round longer will study from them — in a number of instances the exhausting method.

> It’s been my pleasure to fish towards them.

#stout Cherry…or is that:

Energy-techniques in a western lake?? This may clarify issues like why Denver has a speaking gargoyle of their airport and the brand new Bitter Patch Youngsters cereal. Or perhaps the bass simply needed that stuff.

Native and one-time FLW professional Tim Klinger gained it…

…with 34-12 over three DAYS and simply 13 fish complete! In truth, NONE of the highest 10 guys weighed 15 fish — which you may assume would’ve argued for finessin’ however no. Right here’s how the highest 10 baits shook out:

Jig = 50%

Spinnerbait = 30% — Tim’s fundamental bait was a three/Four-oz.white Warfare Eagle Screamin Eagle Spinnerbait with white double willows, in addition to a jig:

Crankbait = 30% — 4th, seventh and 10th, couple Fortunate Crafts, couple Duos, Strike King (I feel it was a 5XD?) and a Rapala DT6. Shout-out to BPTer Roy Hawk for his 4th.

20% every = Flip plastics and Swimbait (each Keitech Fat)

10% every = Jerkbait, Swim-jig, Underspin, Stickbait, Bladed jig

Bullet 21SST. However…it had one of many new Merc 300R (300 hp racing) engines on it:

What a dude stated:

> …a Bullet SST 21 bass boat rigged with a 300R with a Sport Grasp decrease unit. It reached a blistering 103 mph. By the point I screwed up my braveness to experience it, they have been pulling it out of the water.

> I examined the identical boat later that fall with a Professional XS 250, and it nonetheless hit 84.Four mph. Quick sufficient for me.

Any bass-head with sufficient coin to place that rig collectively, keep in mind it’s identical to a “tremendous automotive” or a high-hp bike — you higher know what you’re doing earlier than you get behind the wheel.

Two mo’ thangs:

> Merc does make a Racing 250.

> Kevin Brief is givin’ rides on this dangerous boy on the Basic. I’m gonna get one — a experience, that’s:

That’s a “stroll as much as the weigh stage” tone — Cliff’s new one known as “Gone Fishin” and it’s by the legit band Moccasin Creek! Tune’s good, all his sponsors are in it (!!) and the vid’s for actual:

Right here’s the story from Cliff:

> Jeff McCool is singer for Moccasin Creek — he wrote the music — my spouse and I went to high school with him. Him, Wess Nyle and Moccasin Creek boys produced the music and video.

Says the Moccasin boys do tunes for WWE and NASCAR too.

C’mon Cliff! Bringin’ it!

1. Elitist Chad Pipkens broke his collarbone.

Dang, sorry to listen to:

> Broke my left collarbone in half with a wonderfully flawed, mushy fall enjoying hockey Solar morning. I see a surgeon tomorrow and we’ll go from there. I really like what I do, however I nonetheless select to stay life in between fishing. I achieve this cautiously, however typically issues simply occur.

> We’ll hold our head up and hope for a speedy restoration, and we’re lucky there are Four weeks till our subsequent occasion. My glass continues to be half full.

Marvel if he was checked onerous cuz of that hair…KIDDING! Wishin’ ya quick healin’ Chaddeus, and glad to see you have been bangin’ heads on the exhausting water!

2. BPTer Jason Lambert will get Lure Lock.

three. Elitist Chris Groh auctioning off jersey for St. Jude’s.


Four. Zona on StrayCasts tomorrow night time.

Wed at 7pm CST on Fb/StrayCasts and straycasts.internet. Hostest Pat Renwick stated:

> Please inform individuals to not watch as a result of I’m positive solely boredom will ensue from dullards similar to Mark and I.

Mark? Who’s Mark?? Solely heard 2 individuals name Zona “Mark,” they usually’re each ladies he says “sure ma’am” to…. Anyhow, I discovered this promo shot very disturbing but surprisingly correct…although Z’s arms ain’t that huge in actual life (hahaha Z!):

5. AL: Extra on that 13.7 Guntersville hawg-melon.

1 lb in need of the lake document caught the identical week in 1990:

> …have been fishing deep water the place it broke right into a shallow flat. The boat was in 11’…the flat was [in] about Four’….

> “TVA has been shifting some water due to all this rain. There was an eddy within the present there and we acquired a wild hair to fish it.”

> He was fishing a Zoom swimbait in blue herring colour. Guntersville doesn’t even have blue herring. “The water was stained and I felt it might present up a bit of higher.”

> He caught a 5-lber on his first forged. And he might see different fish on his electronics.

My fave line:

> Tyler deer hunts too and he didn’t get a deer this season. His household had been ragging him that his dangerous deer season was going to hold over into his fishing.

Hahaha gotta love givin’ peeps a tough time (in love)! 2nd fave line:

> “I’ve had individuals calling me I haven’t talked to in 10-15 years, eager to go fishing.”

[eyeroll emoji]

third fave line (from right here):

> Mahaffey stated the bass was filled with eggs and had a big gizzard shad in its mouth.

6. GA has a brand new trophy bass program.

First TX, then FL, now GA. No concept why CA, TN and LA don’t have one….

7. KS bassin’ forecast is out.

> …the #1 reservoir for largemouths this yr is Sebelius Reservoir the place 63 bass, 12″ or longer, have been caught per hour of electroshocking and 26 of these fish have been 15″ lengthy or longer.

> However…La Cygne Reservoir is tops for giant bass. Of the 51 12″ lengthy or longer bass caught per hour at La Cygne, 39 have been longer than 15″ and seven of these have been 20″ lengthy or longer! La Cygne additionally had the most important bass sampled, by far — 9.31 lbs.

eight. UT: Powell degree approach down, feeshn method up?

> The present elevation of Lake Powell is roughly three,572′ above sea degree. Only a yr in the past, the elevation was 44′ greater at three,616.

> …at the very least a dozen “new” islands dot the whole thing of magnificent Bullfrog Bay.

> The excellent news is that fishing is tremendous….

9. FL: President George HW Bush stepping into IGFA HoF.

Corridor of Fame. Personally don’t assume the IGFA a lot issues in bassin’ world, however a variety of what President Bush did for fishing concerned bass.

10. SC: Membership tourney will donate proceeds to college students…

…who want glasses. #stout

11. AFTCO on the street with the brand new Bass Bus…

…which is a pontoon boat that I assume “buses” the “basses” to “bus stops” after tourneys — hahaha! Love the discharge boats, in fact together with Shimano’s on the Elites. Good vid on the AFTCO boat right here.

12. New Raymarine Aspect fashions.

Anglers want some endurance, self-control

That’s particularly referring to bass-heads, and it’s 100% TRUE — which is why we fish for bass. Ain’t no garden chairs in bassin’ man…. #impatient

Do you tune yer cranks…like this?

If not, perhaps you/we should always. Examine this, from BassBlaster relative (adopted red-headed step-relative, lol) Goal Walleye — very inneresting. Has to do with trolling, however what’s trolling — it’s simply common cranking over an extended distance:

> The most effective trollers within the recreation do issues in a different way, however are all the time exact. Certainly one of their missed tweaks is operating “tuned” crankbaits to get the absolute best motion out of a bait….

> Little question tuning baits with a pliers can mess up a crank’s motion greater than it helps — been there! There’s lastly a software that’s truly designed for the job…the Off Shore Deal with EZ Crankbait Tuner.

> [Guide Charlie “Turk” Gierke:] “In case you’re trolling or casting crankbaits that aren’t tuned, you’re losing your time. I’ve been professionally guiding for 21 years and I can inform you with 100% assurance that tuned cranks catch much more fish. If it’s designed to run lifeless straight, it must run lifeless straight.

> “Tuning cranks is sensitive to say the least and most anglers (even execs) apply an excessive amount of strain whereas tuning baits and make issues worse.

> “I’ve field-tested it lots and would describe the EZ like this: It does what the torque/clutch setting in your drill does. You understand, the torque setting [list of numbers from 1 to 10 or 20] on the drill so that you don’t strip screws or over-tighten nuts. The EZ does the identical factor however on cranks!

> “The EZ has these similar strain setting options, so when the prescribed strain is reached it “slips.” Visibly the brief plier jaw pops up…a ‘click on’ noise is heard.

> “…when your lure is out of tune both left or proper…put the short-nose jaw on the road tie reverse the best way its operating. Put the lengthy jaw on the diving invoice at a proper angle. Then slowly squeeze the handles collectively.

> “As you apply an growing quantity of strain and the strain restrict is reached then the brief jaw will pop up. You’ve got simply utilized a measured quantity of strain.

> “Repeat the method (if crucial) if the lure didn’t transfer precisely to middle, however this time flip the knob clockwise 1 / 4 flip.

> “When you get the cling of this software, you’ll grasp tuning crankbaits very quickly and catch extra fish.”

By no means used one however now need to. Right here’s an excellent vid on it and the product web page at Off Shore Deal with:

“I in all probability would’ve went to school if that they had bass fishing.”

– FLWer Billy McDonald. Love the phrase “in all probability” hahaha B-Mac! However what if a university provided a bassin’ scholarship and…tutors and…free pizza! All good til you get a roomie who does this:

Billy’s quote is at — can’t hyperlink it.

FLWer @josephwebsterfishing took this shot of one of the best stick on Lake Seminole:

Shoot man, somebody must design a treble hook that works nearly as good as an osprey talon…or perhaps we have already got that?

Volvo’s placing a velocity limiter in its automobiles…

…aka a “governor.” I’m positive nobody shall be towin’ a bassin’ rig with a Volvo anytime quickly, however simply watch all of the copy-cat automotive corporations pile in on this one. Hey all you outboard and bassin’ tub corporations, don’t even give it some thought:

> The automaker says the restrict will cease automobiles from going quicker than 180 kilometers per hour, which works out to 112 mph. It stated it’s also contemplating different know-how that would put stricter velocity limits on automobiles driving close to faculties and hospitals.

> Volvo stated additionally it is taking a look at methods to deal with the issues of driving whereas distracted or intoxicated. It stated it can current plans for know-how to deal with these issues later this month.

> “We need to begin a dialog about whether or not automotive makers have the appropriate or perhaps even an obligation to put in know-how in automobiles that modifications their driver’s conduct, to deal with issues like rushing, intoxication or distraction”….

Ya obtained me

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